Honda CB500 Wheel Bearings Correction

| 10/23/2012 5:06:30 PM

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Q: With regard to your advice to reader Ken Froelich about servicing his 1972 Honda CB500’s wheel bearings (1972 Honda CB500 Wheel Bearing Grease Age): Ken, stop right now!

Those bearings are cassette-style, and to remove them will destroy them. You must strike the inner race to take them out, with the force transferring through the ball bearings to the outer race. This is guaranteed to hurt the bearings and the races.

With this type of bearing, remove the wheel and the axle and rotate the inner race with two fingers. Apply some force to the bearing as you do this and feel for any resistance to spinning the assembly. If it is rough or drags in any way, replace both bearings.

As you install the new wheel bearings, only strike the outer race! Bearing driver kits are available at Harbor Freight, or use a socket of just the right outer diameter. Pick an old socket you don’t really like anymore.