1906 Curtiss V-twin

| 8/9/2012 9:49:42 AM

 1906 Curtiss V-twin 1 

1906 Curtiss V-twin

Speed: 5 to 50mph (with Road Gear)
Record: 1 mile in 53.25 seconds
Horsepower: 5
Engine: All roller bearing
Fuel Capacity: 150-200 miles per tank
Transmission: Perfected V-belt; guaranteed not to slip break or wear for 10,000 miles
Motor Gear: 4 to 1 regular; 20-inch rear, 5-inch front. Optional 4-inch, 5-3/4-inch or 7-inch front pulley
Brakes: Coaster brake in rear
Highest Award: 1905- New York to Wlathan, Mass. 250-mile endurance contest.
Cost New: $275

This bike was restored by Steve Huntzinger

1906 Curtiss V-twin 2