Riding U.S. Army Harleys

| 2/9/2011 4:24:18 PM

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army harleys 2 

As you can see, these photos are pretty old. They show my mom (Mary Lee Bowen) and dad (James Beverly Bowen) with U.S. Army Harleys somewhere around 1942-43.

army harleys 1 

Dad ended up with rank of 1st Sergeant with HQ Company, Provost, Columbia Army Air Base. So, these pics show the earlier ranks and therefore I can guess the years. I not only followed in his footsteps as a motorcyclist, I also did my U.S. Army Basic Training at nearby Ft. Jackson, in 1970. Dad, who lived off base, said he occasionally commuted on the base Harleys.

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2/17/2011 9:48:53 AM

My dad brought home a WWII vintage Harley when I was a teenager. It still wore it's OD Green paint on every surface. After riding it until fall, Dad parked it and tore it down for a gloss black frame & fork and fire truck red on the tank and fenders. Come spring it was shiny and ready for several day trips as well as his daily commuter. He wouldn't let me ride it on my own, claiming I'd never be able to pick it up if I tipped it over! I remember that bike had a lot of character and it was significant in getting me involved with old motorcycles.