12 moto gifts for the holidays

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| January/February 2010

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1. The Motorcycle Classics Gift Set is the ultimate package for vintage motorcycle enthusiasts, and would make a great holiday surprise. This collection of bike memorabilia is unlike any other and is packed with Motorcycle Classics favorites, including the On Any Sunday 30th Anniversary Boxed Set, Daniel Peirce’s stunning book of photography The Fine Art of the Motorcycle, the Motorcycle Classics “Don’t Hide It, Ride It” T-shirt (shown front and back), hat, and binder. Price: $79.95.

2. Over the past 100 years, Triumph has built more than just motorcycles — it has built legends. Triumph Motorcycles: A Century of Passion and Power, chronicles the complete story of this fabled marque, from the original motorized Triumph bicycles of 1902 to the magnificent Superbikes produced today. 187 pages. Price: $39.95.

3. Triumph has just announced another Steve McQueen Legends Series T-shirt. This one remembers McQueen’s participation in the International Six Day Trials in 1964. McQueen entered as part of a U.S. team and competed in the 200-mile endurance race that pitched him against some of the world’s top riders on a course that traversed mountain passes, forests and trails. Available only at Triumph dealers. Price: $39.95

4. They were the men of steel, racing around on some of the most beautiful machines ever made, and a lot of them had shirts printed up to sell to fans after the races. Mert Lawwill sure did! Most of these shirts were made into dust rags after they were worn to shreds, but Metro Racing offers a line of the shirts the racers used to have “back in the day.” Complete with racer’s autograph printed in gold on the sleeve, this Mert Lawwill Legends Series in ash gray makes a great gift. Price: $22.95. More info: www.MetroRacing.com

5. Here at MC, we’re fans of all things classic, and one thing we don’t see enough of any more are cool patches. Luckily, the folks at Metro Racing have us covered with cool old-school-looking patches from Triumph, Yamaha, Honda, BSA, Kawasaki and more. Perfect for sewing onto your favorite riding jacket to sport your true colors. Price: $4.25. More info: www.MetroRacing.com 

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