Darrel Ricketts’ 1973 Norton 750 Commando

| 10/26/2017 3:55:00 PM

1973 750 Commando

Darrel Ricketts’ 1973 Norton 750 Commando. Photo courtesy Darrel Ricketts

I finished this 1973 Norton 750 Commando last fall. It is my second Norton build. The next one will be a 1968 Atlas featuring many Commando upgrades. I sold this bike to a good friend, Brian. Ironically, my first exposure to a Norton was a 1971 Commando my brother bought from Brian nearly 20 years ago (he still has it). Now I am building Nortons and selling them back to Brian.

-Darrel Ricketts

11/24/2017 12:15:27 AM

That is a beautiful build, Darrell. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. -David