Frank Ravetto’s 1966 Honda S90

| 2/13/2018 12:00:00 AM

honda s90

This photo is of my 8-month-old grandson Anthony on my 1966 Honda S90. I restored this bike nearly three years ago, largely from a rolling chassis and an engine I found on the ground at a swap meet. It did require some eBay shopping to get it all together. Except for a few cold winter months, I have ridden it continuously as around-town transportation. It generates numerous thumbs up at stoplights and some great stories from people who walk up when it's parked, like the guy who had one as a kid and got his first concussion after falling down when the front fender came loose and rotated around the tire. I had two different guys tell me they had one while serving in Vietnam. One guy said he was sure glad it was reliable as it often got him back to the base just in time for curfew. These are great little bikes and probably the reason why Honda is still here and BSA isn't. Full disclosure: I also restored and ride a 1970 Triumph Bonneville.

Frank Ravetto/Prescott, Arizona

3/9/2018 10:03:08 AM

I loved my red S90 at age 16. What fun! Unfortunately, while it I dusted off the rear end of a parked semi trailer at 40 mph. Results were multiple fractures of both forearms, a compound fracture of a tibia, a cracked rib and a few abrasions on the face. I was not wearing a helmet. Forty seven years later I got the "M" on my license and currently ride a '96 CB750 Nighthawk set up for light touring with a Hepco & Becker full rack and side case and Givi top case. Rack was purchased from H&B sole importer Moto Machines out of VA.

3/8/2018 2:41:19 PM

I, too, own a little Japanese motorcycle. It is a 1967 Suzuki B105P, also know as a Bearcat. I bought it 15 years ago with only 700 original miles on it! It receives compliments all the time.

3/8/2018 12:55:21 PM

My first motorcycle—such a cool little bike!