Found on eBay: 1970 Laverda American Eagle 750S

| 6/4/2008 1:37:59 PM

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Found on ebay: 1970 Laverda American Eagle 

While looking for specs for Laverdas in our Motorcycle Classics Motorcycle Database, we ran across this 1970 Laverda 750S American Eagle. The first big Laverda twins were imported into the U.S. by Jack McCormack and his McCormack International Motors in Santa Ana, Calif., starting in 1968.

This 1970 model would have been among the last American Eagle-badged bikes, and it's the only "S" model we've ever seen. American Eagle was liquidated in early 1971, after which Laverdas were marketed under their own name. This bike has a claimed 2,700 miles, and a look at the photos provided supports that number. It's a clean, unmolested original, and the seller claims to have the original McCormick International documents, as well. American Eagles have historically priced out lower than their Laverda-badged bretheren (they're mechanically identical), and this one's a bit pricey at the current bid of $5,500. Then again, with those kind of miles and its overall condition, it might be a good buy, as you'll probably never find one this original and complete again.

See the auction here.

trader bob_1
2/5/2009 9:36:44 AM

nice bike. what is a good used american eagle worth today???

Dick Colburn
6/5/2008 4:12:03 PM

Why do importers re-badge bikes. Is their ego so big that they think they are more important than the manufacturer? American Eagle had some nice bikes but would have done better selling them under their manufacturer's name. The real kicker though is aftermarket support. Dick