Project 1970 Honda CB350 — Part II

Good news: Our project 1970 Honda CB350 runs! But there's still plenty of work to do, including rebuilding the forks and the rear suspension.

| November/December 2015

The is the second in a series on our 1970 Honda CB350 build project. Start at the beginning with Part I, and read Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII and Part VIII for the later installments. You can also watch video of our Honda running for the first time.

Constructive deconstruction. It’s the tear-down phase of any project and usually the most fun, whether it’s a bathroom rehab or, in this case, our basket case 1970 Honda CB350. Given the appearance of our project bike, that bathroom analogy turns out to be oddly apt, because frankly, our Honda looks like, well, you know … 

When we unveiled our Honda project bike last issue, we gave a quick rundown of its attributes, listing the good, the bad and the ugly. There’s lots of ugly, no question, but the deeper we get into this old Honda the better it looks. For one thing — and it’s a major thing — we’ve proven it actually runs. Not only that, it actually runs quite well, blessedly absent any ugly smoke out of the tail pipes and with almost zero mechanical noise. Will wonders never cease?

First run

In our first report, we noted that we were going to make sure our Honda actually runs before going to the work of stripping it down. Well, to our surprise (and maybe we shouldn’t have been; aren’t old Hondas legendary for miraculously coming back to life after years of slumber?), it didn’t take all that much to get the old girl firing on both cylinders. We knew the carburetors would have to be overhauled if we were to have any hope of getting it running, so we tackled that first. As you can see in our How-To on page 76, an overnight soak in a gallon can of Gunk followed by a bath in our ultrasonic cleaner brought them back to rebuildable form. With new floats, diaphragms and jets they were good to go, and even looked good, to boot.

1/21/2016 9:31:50 AM

Great update, but the link on page 2 to the fire up video doesn't work. And I couldn't find the vid on the video page either

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