Book Review: Racer and the Rest

Colin Seeley memoir captures the spirit and struggles of the Sixties on the racetrack

| May/June 2007

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  • Sidecar1

Colin Seeley’s eagerly awaited classic-era memoir, Racer … and the Rest, has finally been published by Redline Books and is available in the Motorcycle Classics Vintage Shop.

The beautifully designed, coffee-table-sized 388-page first volume, with a superb selection of photos from Colin’s own archive and the top photographers of the era, deals with the Seeley saga up through 1970.

Students of classic bike racing know Seeley as the man who gave a new lease on life to British singles in Grand Prix and short circuit road racing in the swinging 1960s. By acquiring the rights to the defunct AJS 7R and Matchless G50 engines and wrapping a series of well-made, good-looking, light but sturdy frames around them, he gave riders a stream of successes that lasted well into the 1970s.

Aside from harnessing the performance of large-capacity Norton twins and BSA/Triumph triples, Seeley was also a star sidecar driver in the early 1960s and a Grand Prix winner who twice finished third in the World Championship with his own motorcycles, mainly a Matchless-powered single and later a BMW Rennsport.

Many people don’t realize that Seeley built the prototype Ducati chassis on which all the Italian company’s bevel-drive desmo V-twin road and race models were based, that he worked closely with Honda in creating a series of good-handling café racers, and that he even succeeded in correcting the wayward handling of Barry Sheene’s 750cc Suzuki two-stroke racers with his own frames.

In between, he teamed up with entrepreneur Bernie Ecclestone, who moved on to rule Formula One, and Seeley reinvented himself in the modern era as a Superbike team manager, taking the Duckhams Norton team to the British Superbike title in the early 1990s with their Rotary racers. And that’s just a brief outline of the man’s multi-faceted career.

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