Suzuki GT750 Le Mans

The Suzuki GT750 was a smokin' liquid-cooled 2-stroke triple "Superbike"

| March/April 2006

Suzuki GT750 Le Mans

Years produced: 1972-1977
Total production: 71,000 (est., 1972-77)
Claimed power: 70hp @ 6,500rpm (1976)
Top speed: 108mph (est.)
Engine type: Two-stroke, liquid-cooled, in-line three-cylinder
Weight (dry): 507lbs (1976)
Price then: $2,195 (1976)
Price now: $1,000-$5,000
MPG: 27-40

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."  — Isaac Newton

It was 1971. Just two years earlier Honda had made the action that gained the attention of the motorcycling world — releasing the four-cylinder Honda CB750. Now defined as the first Superbike, the "big" Honda would turn out to be one of the most important motorcycles ever built, and Honda's rivals scrambled to introduce competitive machines. Suzuki reacted by releasing the Suzuki GT750, a water-cooled, 738cc 2-stroke triple, in late '71 as a '72 model.

An equal reaction it was not, though it was the definition of opposite.

Smooth, quiet, refined and comfortable were all words the motorcycling press used to define the Suzuki GT750. To be honest, the Honda CB750 was also described with the same adjectives. But the key here may be the words the press didn't use to describe the GT: quick, powerful and strong.

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Michael Hamel
12/23/2008 5:05:50 AM

I have been a subscriber to Motorcycle Classics for several years now. I really enjoy the magazine immensely. I guess I'm kind of a nostalgic type individual longing for more of the machines of yesteryear. Todays motorcyles, though more technilogically advanced, don't have the same appeal as the ones of years past. At any rate I would really like to see a lengthy article w/ pictures of the early Suzuki GT 750's (1971-1973). They were a much underrated machine and were very reliable and quick for their size. Not to mention one of the 1st production motorcycle that was water cooled. I have recently purchased two 1972 models to restore. Maybe you have written about this machine in a past issue, but think it might be something worth revisiting, as there is quite a dedicated following of these machines in the northeast. If you have done articles in previous issues are they available to purchase?? Thanks.

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