Taking Flight: Howard Boone’s Honda 836 CR

Built from the bones of a basket case single-cam CB750, this wild café was inspired by a love for Keihin round-slide carburetors.

| March/April 2018

Honda 836 CR
Engine: 836cc air-cooled SOHC inline 4-cylinder, 65mm x 63mm bore and stroke, 10.25:1 compression ratio
Carburetion: Four Keihin CR 31mm
Transmission: 5-speed, chain final drive
Electrics: 12v, Dyna electronic ignition
Frame/wheelbase: Dual downtube steel cradle frame/57.5in (1,460.5mm)
Suspension: 2010 Honda CBR600 inverted fork front, custom monoshock swingarm rear
Brakes: Dual 12.2in (310mm) discs front, single 7in (179mm) drum rear
Tires: 120/70 x 17in front, 140/70 x 17in rear
Weight: 454lb (206.4kg)
Seat height: 30.5in (775mm)
Fuel capacity: 2.6gal (10ltr)

"You meet the nicest people on a Honda." It's one of the most popular slogans in the history of motorcycling, and Howard Boone's story validates the claim.

As a motorcycle-mad 12-year-old in Montgomery, Alabama, Howard Boone's first powered two-wheeler was a Honda S90. Howard's parents didn't want him to have anything to do with motorcycles, but when they saw the boxes of parts he'd bought from a neighbor and dragged home they said, "Now, that's a bike you can have."

Obviously, they underestimated young Howard's determination, because he had the project together and running in less than a weekend. He used the small-bore Honda to explore a network of trails that ran through Montgomery and set up a jump that would land him in the Waller Hardware parking lot. The store had been closed for some time and the lot was usually empty, until one day Howard came across a van parked there that was filled with Honda crates.

Moving the boxes were husband and wife team Charles and Virginia Hunter, and Howard clearly remembers his first conversation with one of those proverbial "nicest people." "Virginia asked me, 'Do you know where to get car tags?' Yes, ma'am. 'Do you know where to get fresh seafood?' Yes, ma'am. 'Do you need a job?' Yes, ma'am," Howard recalls. It was 1969, and Howard was the first employee at Hunter Honda on Atlanta Highway in the old Waller Hardware building.

Custom calling

Howard's been a Honda fan ever since, and has restored many of the vintage Japanese machines. That's how he met another of the "nicest people," this time talented motorcycle restorer and builder Bill Bailey. Some 25 years ago, Howard discovered Bill working in the back of a custom motorcycle shop, and asked him to paint a C100 Super Cub equipped with the rare Honda Rally kit.

5/8/2018 5:46:37 PM

Im trying to find out what the R number on stock cams means and the spark advancer what the 300 part number means. Im trying to interchange some and do i just change the springs weights or rotor

5/8/2018 5:46:36 PM

Hey guys i am trying to find out what the numbers on a 750 sohc spark advancer mean as well as what the R numbers on the cam means the adv had a 300 on it some have1009 426 .Im trying to see if i can switch them out or change the springs if i could find out it would be most appreciated hope u guys are havling a good day Sal at spalumbojr@gmail .com my shop name is Custom Funk Ink in Bakersfield ca thanks again

2/23/2018 9:36:58 PM

I Edwin is glad too have HONDA has my Friend

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