REG 250: The First Multi-cylinder 250cc Motorcycle

R.E. "Bob" Geeson created a world-beating 250cc motorcycle with his own hands and his own resources.

| September/October 2011

  • R.E. Geeson's 250cc motorcycle parked by brick building
    A REG 250 circa-1960. R.E. Geeson developed his multi-cylinder 250cc motorcycle without any help or interest from the British motorcycle manufacturers.
    Photo by Kyoichi Nakamura

  • R.E. Geeson's 250cc motorcycle parked by brick building

British engineers have often led the world in dreaming up innovative engineering concepts and creations. The steam engine, television, jet aircraft, hovercraft and the light bulb (nope, it wasn’t Edison!) are just some of the many good ideas first conceived in Britain. But where Britain has often come off poorly is the commercial application of those ideas.

A good instance of this is the shameful way that, in its 1950s heyday, the British motorcycle industry ignored the achievements of R.E. Geeson, better known as Bob, in creating the world’s first multi-cylinder 250cc motorcycle, the REG 250 — and racing it successfully for more than a decade.

Geeson did so with zero support from industry fat cats who, selling every bike they could squeeze out of their antiquated production machinery in the face of huge postwar demand, scorned the benefits of racing motorcycles in terms of enhancing their products’ image, and especially improving the breed. Time, and the Japanese and Italians, would prove them very wrong, but in the meantime, Geeson plowed a lonely furrow, creating and developing the REG racer with his own hands, with his own resources, in his spare hours from a demanding full-time job.

British manufacturers sat back and watched the nation’s future world champion on two wheels and four, John Surtees, win race after race with the REG 250, still content to produce the same old pushrod rubbish for what they perceived as a captive audience — until Mr. Honda disabused them of that notion the hard way. MC

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5/31/2012 1:18:00 PM

I was under the impression that Benelli produced a little gem of a supercharged 250 four just prior to WWII. Pic here: The REG that Surtees raced was a 250 twin..

5/19/2012 10:07:29 PM

It's true that Japan changed the motorcycle world forever but to suggest that Britian failed because they didn't produce the REG 250 or simular designs is a stretch. The new Norton, modern BMW boxer, and current Harley show what can be done to modernize old engine designs, even if they use pushrods.

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