Motorcycle Gloves for Winter by REV'IT!

| 12/22/2015 1:58:00 PM

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REV'IT! motorcycle gloves

Introducing a fully refreshed line of cold weather gloves by REV’IT! With over a dozen new men’s and women’s styles to choose from, riders in every class will be able to find the perfect level of warmth, protection and grip.

Design details: Warmth

Waterproof gloves

The design starting point for each glove was warmth. To deliver a glove capable of keeping riders warm and comfortable throughout the winter, at least one layer of additional insulation and one layer of waterproofing material were necessary.

Wet hands mean cold hands. That’s why we added high-quality GORE-TEX® and hydratex® membranes into the new line, for 100-percent waterproofing and breathability.

Next, our designers looked to materials with excellent warmth-to-weight ratios. Both Thinsulate® and Primaloft® — thin, highly insulating materials considered the best in their classes — were added to prevent loss of handlebar control due to cold fingers or a lack of dexterity.