1957 Motobi Catria Lusso

| 8/21/2013 2:56:00 PM


1957 Motobi Catria Lusso

Country: Italy
Engine: Air-cooled horizontal single-cylinder 4-stroke
Ignition: Magneto
Power Rating: 8.5bhp @ 6,800rpm
Bore x Stroke: 62mm x 57mm
Displacement: 172cc
Valves: Overhead, pushrod activated
Fuel System: Dell’Orto 20mm carburetor
Transmission: 4-speed
Suspension: Front telescopic forks, rear twin shock
Brakes: Front and rear drum
Weight: 215lb
Top Speed: 75mph


One of the six Benelli brothers, Guiseppe, left the company in 1949 to work on his own designs. Initially the products had a simple monogram "B" then changed to Motobi (Moto-B). One feature of the Motobi was the streamlined shape of the power unit, often described as “like a rugby football.” Initially, the engines were 2-strokes, followed by pushrod 4-strokes, still using the horizontal oval styling, making it difficult to distinguish between the two.

10/4/2018 7:06:02 AM

I question whether 8.5 HP will *ever* get you 75 mph. In the 60's some wildly optimistic numbers were published to push Benellis, and I believed them. Yes, I believed that their 125cc made 15.4 HP and would go 78 mph. They had two very different rating systems for HP, one test of a 200cc claimed 20 HP for the American market but the review noted they claimed 14 HP at home, same engine. I still think they were beautiful and romantic designs, but only an objective road test will give a realistic clue about horsepower and top speed.