1949 Vincent HRD Comet

| 7/3/2013 10:21:00 AM

1949 Vincent HRD Comet (1)

1949 Vincent HRD Comet

Country: Great Britain
Engine: Air cooled single cylinder four stroke
Ignition: Lucas magneto
Power Rating: 28bhp @ 5,800rpm
Bore x Stroke: 84mm x 90mm
Displacement: 499cc
Fuel System: Amal Type 6 carburetor
Transmission: 4-speed
Suspension: Front Vincent Girdraulic fork, rear cantilever frame
Brake: Front and rear drum
Weight: 390lb
Top Speed: 90mph

1949 Vincent HRD Comet (2)

The Comet was a less expensive, affordable alternative to the big twins. It was often referred to as “Half a Vincent,” but it still had the desirable mile-eating capabilities of its bigger brothers. A racing version was also available on a limited basis, the Grey Flash, which helped to publicize the model.

1949 Vincent HRD Comet (3)